Because development never ends

Do you need a full stack developer team whom you can trust to deliver and support your project throughout it's lifecycle?

At Holmen Innovative Solutions, we don't believe a project is finished when it's up and running. Whether it's an app or a website, it usually has an iterative lifecycle, allowing it to evolve into something more than the initial idea! We will be your partner on the journey, providing skilled and ever updated technological insight into what you need to keep the project evolving.

We handle everything from UX / UI all the way down to the nitty gritty details of optimal hosting, SEO and how to fine tune the CDN to deliver your content to the user anywhere in the world.

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The International Time of Death Estimation Initiative (iTOD) proudly presents the first electronic Time of Death Calculator to include analyses on both body temperature and the biochemical markers potassium and hypoxanthine.

The calculations using potassium and hypoxanthine are based on research at the University of Oslo, Norway, whereas the temperature calculations have been adapted from Henßge et al.

In the app, we offer five ways of determining the time of death, in addition to tactical information: Hypoxanthine, Potassium, Brain temperature, Rectal temperature and classical signs of death.

View on the Apple AppStore or in the Web App.



During our 15 years of experience in development, we have followed the evolution of web and app development, building experience and a solid repertoire of expertise.

In the beginning, we developed apps natively using Objective-C for iOS and again using Java for Android. As technology progressed, we were able to write fully capable apps once and build them for all platforms using Cordova and later Capacitator. With Ionic's AppFlow, we can keep our apps updated at all times, without having to go through the lengthy process of the various app stores.

The people

Sigve Holmen

Sigve is the founding CEO and has a background as medical doctor with a PhD in tropical medicine / image analysis. He is the software designer behind all of Holmen Innovative Solutions products.

Nils Christian Karlsen

Nils Christian is a medical doctor with a flare for entrepreneurship. He conceptualised the teaching platform MedEasy and the app Takster.

Muthuthanthrige Chularansi Nishanatha Fernando

Chula is an avid programmer. He is the wheels on the engine, providing skilled expertise in Angular and Ionic.